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Advancement without sync

I have a few scouts that have not synced with National yet. It I go ahead and enter their advancement while I am waiting will it automatically sync? I ask this question because I have had a duplicate scout file before and I am not sure how it happened.
Thnx!! Michelle

Hi, @MichelleMahler1,

How long ago were the “unsynchronized” scouts added to your roster by your council registrar? Were they new scouts or transfers?

The first thing I would do is have one of the Key 3 check in the official roster at my.scouting to make sure that the scout’s name (first middle & last), BSA ID and date of birth all match what’s in Scoutbook. If anything does not match, I would “correct” Scoutbook so that it matches the my.scouting roster, unless that roster is wrong (e.g. scout’s name is Jane not John). To correct errors in the my.scouting roster, you’ll have to reach out to your council registrar. Give it at least 24 hours after making any corrections in Scoutbook to see if it will synchronize.

I’ve never had problems getting advancement to synch later for scouts who were not synchronizing at the time I entered the advancement in Scoutbook. Usually, however, the initial failure to get into synch was because council had not yet entered our new/transfer scout into our official roster.

Generally, duplicate scouts appear:

  1. when both the unit and the registrar create a Scoutbook record for the same scout, or
  2. when a scout transferring in already has an account, and the unit or the registrar creates a new one.

There should not be any issue with marking advancement as completed before the sync is set up. However, until the scouts are synced, you will not be able to mark anything as approved. Once the scouts are synced, then you can approved the advancement, which is what will then record it to the official council records.

I know @AaronWyckoff said “there should not be any issue with marking advancement as completed before the sync is set up” but what I see is an error that says " has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council."
Yes, they are not known by Council yet because I have their application just sent in. Den Leaders are asking how to enter advancements. I am thinking of going back to Google Sheets and then buying and awarding advancements off the grid until the new Scouts synch and I can enter their stuff? Anyone else know the process for advancements earned before scout is synched?

We used to record them all the time while waiting for the scout to come into sync. We just couldn’t Leader Approve the items until the scout synchronized with our official roster. We generally had some lag in getting things purchased as a result. I’m not 100% sure how our advancement chair tracked it.

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@MeganSchmidt MARK IT COMPLETE (NOT APPROVED) (dang all caps) then once they are in the system you can approve it.

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