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How do you record internet advancement for a girl who has turned 18 and has received an extension to work on Advancement towards Eagle Scout. She does not show on internet advancement and now registered as an adult assistant Scoutmaster?

I’m pretty sure you registered her incorrectly for someone who is still working on advancement.

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Good Morning Eugene,

When I turned eighteen I had to get some leaders to make letters for me for the council to approved or not to continue as a scout. i got approved.

@EugeneMurray Please contact your council Registrar for advice on how she should be registered. My understanding is that she should not be registered as an Assistant Scoutmaster because she has received an approved time extension to continue working towards Eagle Scout rank. I believe that there is a different code or override that should be used for her as an adult participant.


Jennifer is correct. She should not be registered in an adult position, although she does have to complete YPT and any background checks now.

Your Registrar is the go-to source. National has (I’ll bet) issued instructions to all council registrars for how to handle females with an extension to work on Eagle Scout requirements.

Please let us know how it turns out! My Star Scout daughter turns 18 in April!! Woot!!

Scouter Rob

Update: I was curious, so just called our registrar. She does fill out an adult application, and is registered as a Unit Participant, much like the Venturers who are over 18 and still part of that program. Hope this helps!!


Unit Participant is how our Scout who is beyond 18 is registered.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I was unaware of “unit participation” as a choice. National Council is now involved working on a solution as reregistration has already been completed. Those units in the near future who have Scouts turning 18 with an extension need to be aware of the proper reregistration. I have over 55 years of handling charter reregistration and have never encountered this problem. Thank you again for all comments. SMT007-GT

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I literally hand carried mine to council to turn in to make sure it got done correctly.

It might help to work with your council’s special needs coordinator. We encountered this same issue with a Scout with disabilities that qualified him to continue past his 18th birthday, so chances are your council already has a process that the special needs coordinator will be familiar with.


Registrars have been issued guidance on the new registration code for Unit Participants. In the case of the OP, a special needs request for extension beyond the age of eligibility is not appropriate.

The reason the Scout’s advancement couldn’t be recorded is because she was listed as an adult leader; advancement is only for youth or adult program participants (i.e., UP or VP). Until this year, only Venturers and Sea Scouts had to be aware of the adult program participant designation.

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