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Advancing Dens

If I advance Dens and One den leader does not have all their achievements in will that mess the kid up for next year or in the advancement database for cubscouts?

When you say that one den leader does not have all their achievements in, do you mean that the Cub Scouts have completed their rank requirements, but the den leader hasn’t put them in yet? Or do you mean that one or more Cub Scouts in the den is still working on requirements for their rank?

It will not mess anything up but the den leader will not be able to use quick entry to record the remaining awards. A leader will need to go to each Scout’s advancement page, click the desired rank then the rank awards to record the remaining work.

@JenniferOlinger Both, I have one leader who has not done anything because he has not been trained yet and 2 others still working on enter requirements for ranks

It won’t mess anything up. But like Ed said, Quick Entry works best for the current den level. If they have a bunch of stuff to enter, Quick Entry might work better for them.

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