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Advancing the dens & stragglers

I have 3 Cub Scouts who have not quite finished their requirements for rank - 2 of them were late starters & 1 was in sports. I have always given the stragglers extra time - June 1 was the soft cut off date & Sept 1 was the hard cut off date (which keeps them level with the new Scouts who join at fall recruitment time). Example: Tiger - I did not advance him to Wolf just yet since he did not start until March. I just temporarily changed his den # - so he is still a Tiger in my Pack (at least until Day Camp starts) with one more Adventure to complete - which is 50% done; however, the Adventure is not showing % complete for things done after June 1. So while I did not advance him, BSA already has. How do I make sure he is not cut off from receiving his Tiger rank?

With scoutbook you can award past ranks to scouts in any den

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I’m curuious because we have one Scout in the same situation in my pack, where are you seeing that BSA has already advanced him?

The BSA has not done the grade rollover in ScoutNET yet.

Under Advancement/Tiger/Tiger Rank requirements. He has completed 2 requirements for Team Tiger, approved on 6/2/19 & it still shows 0% complete. If BSA has not advanced the den level, then this is just a glitch.

If BSA has not done the grade rollover (per Jennifer), then this is just a glitch

what shows 0% - Team Tiger or Tiger Rank itself?

Team Tiger - still shows 0%

what requirements?

He has completed requirements 1 & 2, I approved today, still shows as 0% complete

works fine for me? Is membership approved?

Yes his membership is approved

I think some amended screen shots could help here.

Could you post a screenshot of the Scout’s Membership page (minus the Scout’s name)?

I just went through this adventure for one of our Cubs. He has item done so I added 1 & 2 and the cal went from 25 to 75% so it is working. My suspicion is membership approval. What does it show under the picture area on the scout page.

Go into one of the completed requirements and click save.

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Thank you!! That worked.