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Adventure Base Novas

There is a series of Nova awards available at Philmont, Summit, and Jamboree which our District STEM Chair tells me are eligible to be counted towards the Supernova awards for Scouts BSA and Venturers (see clip from the BSA STEM site below). He is asking why there is not a place in Scoutbook to record these. I am not even 100% sure that ScoutNET has a field for these. From what I can tell there might only be a few dozen of these awarded each year. Are there any plans for these to be included in Scoutbook?

Q: What are the Adventure Base Novas (previously High Adventure)?
A: These Nova awards can only earned through the STEM Nova program at each Adventure Base. If interested, search for STEM on the web site of the Adventure Base you are interested in attending.

1052 Nova Scouts BSA: Philmont Nova
1056 Nova Scouts BSA: Summit Nova
1057 Nova Scouts BSA: Jamboree Nova

1055 Nova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Philmont Nova
1056 Nova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Summit Nova
1057 Nova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Jamboree Nova

The Jamboree Nova is supported by Scoutbook, although it is the 2017 version.

I will see what I can find out.

Thanks! I am only a Key 3 of a Pack so I was not aware that item could be seen. I vaguely remember it being discussed around Jambo time.

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