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After transferring Troops, my son has two separate Profiles in Scoutbook

My son transferred Troops from the continental U.S. to an overseas Troop (so different Councils). In Scoutbook (under my login (his father)), he has two separate profiles. The one from the U.S. includes his middle name, the one in his new Troop does not. Scoutbook treats this as two separate Scouts, so none of his progress from the U.S. has transferred over with him. Any idea how I can have these profiles merged into one? The goal being to keep his progress from before, and include future advancements while overseas. Thanks in advance for any help!

Use this tool in my scouting: https://my.scouting.org/tools/manage-member-id . From here you can add different member ids to your account and combine them. If this fails, someone from your council office can help you to.


Thanks for the advice. I still cannot get it to work (at that link, my Member ID is connected to a different, third Council, and one I’ve never been associated with…). I also cannot add myself as a member to my current Council from that link/webpage. So I will reach out to my Council for further help. Cheers.

I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. As with many BSA tools, they don’t always work. I’m sure the person at the council office will be able to help you.

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Manage Member ID works pretty well for adults, but not so well for youth.

If you can get the new council to add his middle name, then we can probably help. The Scout’s full name needs to match in order for the member update automated process to work.

Good advice. Yes, I thought the addition of the middle name in one of the profiles may be an issue. I’ll ask the new Council if they can adjust so the names match. Thanks!

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