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Age Requirements

Hello! When I was looking through an older Youth Application, I noticed that Venturers and Sea Scouts could participate in the program past their 21st birthday until the Crew/Ship recharters or their 22nd birthday, whichever comes first. Is this still an applicable policy? Thanks in Advance!

Great question! From an advancement perspective, the Guide to Advancement, para states “Venturers have until their 21st birthday to complete their awards.”

The current youth application states “Venturing and Sea Scouting are for young men and women at least 13 years old who have completed the eighth grade, or are age 14 and not yet 21.” It doesn’t have any wording about recharter or until 22d birthday.

In 2015, Venturing changed registration procedures. Over a 3-year period, those over 18 would register using adult applications and become Adult Participants. So now, our 14 - 17 year olds apply with the youth app. Our 18 - 20 year olds apply with the adult app. As soon as they turn 21, they fill out another adult app, but change from being Adult Participants (maybe President, or a crew officer) to Committee Members or Associate Advisors.

2015 info

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