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Ages for Scoutbook?

How old does a person need to be to establish/have a parent establish a Scoutbook Account?

As for as I know it can happen at 11, we had scouts who parents have done it at that age

So not age 13 like you need to be for the app?

Yes that is correct there is no age limit like say Facebook which I believe is 13

I I don’t know if any one of my parents or kids are use the scout app. And I don’t have kids myshelf show I have never used it show don’t know if there is a age on that. All my scouts and parents use the web based scoutbook

It’s up to the parents – only they can grant access to the youth.

I’m not sure how literally I would take the “Teen” rating of the app.

I would assume there is no age requirement at all. I have a Cub parent who created a scout account for his lion this past year. Kid can’t actually read but he has his own account- and Dad is a pretty by the book guy.

The scout needs to be 13 years old for the parent to give the Scout access.

There is more than on federal rule or law. May I suggest reading: :

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