All achievements/advancements erased when transferred councils

My son, , has been a Cub Scout since 2018. We moved from Texas to South Korea last summer. The new pack had trouble transferring him to Far East Council in Scoutbook, but eventually figured it out. Unfortunately after the transfer all of his achievements have been erased. I am unable to enter them back into Scoutbook. My member number is 135534828 Scout’s member number is 135534827. Is there any way to retrieve the information, or any way for me to at least input it again? Thank you for any help.

@LauraTisdale - the data is most likely with the prior BSA ID. The id will change between councils even to a neighboring council. Perhaps someone will be able to figure it out.

@LauraTisdale this is fixed - BUT might want to check with council on DOB - FEC and LHC have different months

Oh thank you so much! I will check to make sure FEC has the right birth date. Thank you again!

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