All advancement data is missing

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Desktop and Mobile - apple Mac book Apple IPhone
Operating System - apple
Browser Safari
Browser Cleared
Member ID 132609738 CT Yankee

All advancement data is gone. Cubs and Scouts BSA. How does this happen. My Council is unable to see the records.

@HughWelch - when is your charter term expiration

My son was inactive from 1/1/2022-10/1/2023

10/1/2023 he was a “lone scout” and my council had his complete electronic record.

Some time between 11/10 and 11/13 he was registered with his troop. His profile became available between 8 pm and 9 pm on 11/13. However none of his advancement data came with it.

My council can no longer see his record either.

How does this happen?

Luckily I have a print out.

My council registrar has submitted a ticket. I am beyond frustrated for a number of reasons that I can’t mention here.

I would appreciate an explanation of what happened and a solution that doesn’t involve me rebuilding his record from cub scouts to today.

@HughWelch - did he perhaps get a new BSA ID in the change from lone scout to troop registration ? You can post those BSA ID numbers. I will however point out that scoutbook does not support lone scouts.

What troop is Scout in now? @HughWelch

Troop 76 Stratford CT

OK that is what I guessed - give me a few

@HughWelch ok that is fixed and should not occur again

Thank you. Out of curiosity what happened?

2 member IDs so 2 scoutbook accounts

Ok thanks one minor issue his profile shows him in CT Rivers Council, he should be in CT Yankee Council.

@HughWelch that is fixed