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All parents are marked as Leaders in the connections section for all of my scouts

I’m not sure when this happened, but at some point, all Parents were added to all scouts (40+) and marked as leaders (in the connection section to each scout). They are not actual leaders and have no idea how this occurred. There are 50+ connections for each scout now and to manually delete these connections is extremely time consuming.

Going to Roster > Permission by Position did not fix
Going to Roster > Connection Manager never connects - it fails every time trying to do this.

Please advise…

If your unit gave all parents View Profile to all Scouts then the Adult Leader box will be checked.

If you want to remove these connections, the best way to do so is to use Connection Manager. You can click on an adult’s name to change their connection to all Scouts except their children. If you have the Feature Assistant Extension installed, you can click on a Scout’s name to remove the connection between the Scout and all adults except admins and parents.

Typically the easiest way to update connections for the entire unit is to use the Permissions by Position function of the Feature Assistant Extension. Search the Chrome or Firefox extension stores for the word Scoutbook if you do not already have the extension.

“If your unit gave all parents View Profile to all Scouts then the Adult Leader box will be checked”

  • This is correct - that seemed to fix the problem - it seems like a defect though - if we are to allow parents to view profiles they should not be getting Edit/View to profile and Advancement it should simply allow them to see other scouts in the troop.


There are 5 different connection options
View profile - Allows adults to see last names and send messages
Edit profile - Allows adults to make changes to the profile. This also means they can see the Scout’s home address, date of birth, swim classification, etc.
View advancement - Allows adults to see the images of ranks and awards the Scout has earned.
Edit Advancement - Allows adults to make changes to ranks and awards for the Scout. An adult who is not a leader cannot approve advancement.
Full Control - All of the above plus can make connection and membership changes. An adult who is not a leader cannot approve advancement.

There are 4 connection types, Parent/Guardian, Other Family Member, Merit Badge Counselor and Adult Leader. One must be set so parents in the unit will have a connection type of Adult Leader to other Scouts in the unit. This does not give the adult the ability to approve advancement. A registered leadership position is required to approve advancement.

View profile does what you are asking. Just make sure the other options are turned off for the connection. This is most easily done via Connection Manager.

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