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Alvarez Supernova over two years

This information has just been added to the Nova FAQ. Sorry it took awhile, but the committee did have an interesting discussion about it. There was general consensus among the mentors that leaving the adventures to be the last completed requirement was a “best practice”.

Q: For the Wolf/Bear Alvarez Supernova, the requirement is to “Complete the adventure appropriate for your rank”, with both a Wolf and a Bear adventure. If a scout earns the appropriate Wolf adventure in their Wolf year, but doesn’t finish the rest of the requirements that year, can they finish the Supernova in their Bear year, using the already completed Wolf adventure? Or, since they would be finishing it as a Bear, do they need to earn the Bear adventure as well?

A: The Scout should complete the adventure designated for the rank during which they have done the vast majority of the work for the award, as determined by their Supernova mentor. Under no circumstances should Wolf and Bear adventures be mixed in a single Supernova award.



It is awesome that you are both active on the forums and the national committee for NOVA awards. Have you thought about requesting a separate NOVA forum for this type of back and forth discussion with the general Scouter population?

I wish, in general, that there was more transparency between the national resources and the boots on the ground folk. I guess when I say transparency, I at least mean more open communication. I wouldn’t want the committee to be overwhelmed, but it may help many people. A great example are the commissioners. The commissioner national group just put up some amazing pages with each person’s picture and email address.

Anyway, just a thought.


That had not occurred to me, and I’m not sure I’d know how to do that. :slight_smile: We have a call this week, I will talk to our social media people, and see if that’s something we can manage. We do keep pretty close tabs on the Facebook group “STEM Nova Award, BSA”, and answer lots of questions there.

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SUAC and BSA IT has discussed things like that (STEM, NOAA, Aquatic) - we did not want to fragment the forums to the degree that could lead to.

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I can understand why. I have used a lot of software that someone sets up with 35 forums to have either zero or one lost in each. I guess the question could be re-evaluated when the STEM NOVA questions overwhelm all other posts. It will then be obvious.

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