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Animation MB pamphlet help: looking for pics of pages for specific info

I’m not looking to get into a debate about how pamphlets should be free and/or digital. However, I’m in a bit of a bind given the current lockdown.

I have lost my animation MB book and I’m going to do a merit badge class over zoom for our troop with weekend. I can’t go buy it or have it arrive in any reasonable amount of time. I’m really trying to keep the troop engaged.

requirement 2 concerns 12 principles of animation. does anyone have the section from the merit badge pamphlet that explains these principles so I can be sure I’m teaching the right info (and not just what I think they mean). I don’t need a beautiful digital copy and it’s just for me to review. Some pics from the pages that explain the principles is what I’m after.

my email is bsa-7@bermweb.net

Thank you.

I found the resources I needed, thank you everyone!

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