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Annual pack outdoor activities

In a week’s time, our pack leadership and den leaders will meet to finalize our plans for the coming school year. As Cubmaster, I am leaning toward outdoor pack meetings and activities, especially since our numbers would be close to 100 with parents in attendance. Naturally, I want to avoid large gatherings indoors as there would be no way to have that many people be properly distanced.

Would you please share what has worked for you or other ideas that could accommodate 45 scouts, plus any parents and several siblings that also attend?

This may be the year where nearly all activities happen at the den level, but I want to plan for pack activities if they are deemed safe enough.

I would recommend taking a look at the Cub Scout Outdoor Activities Award for some ideas (mostly on page 2).

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

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We have a fairly large pack (70 cubs) and had a Pack meeting in a local park the month before our Fall family campout last year. We setup stations and then the cubs went round robin in a group with their rank.

We had stations for:
Tents - general how to and where to setup, what not to bring into a tent, etc.
Knives - we setup an “axe yard” at camp that is the only place we allow whittling and knife work around camp, too many kids running around camp. Reviewed knife policies and safety.
Fire - setup a fire (unlit) and discussed fire safety and expectations for the campout.
Cub Scout 6 - what Cubs should bring for hikes (and a day wandering around council campgrounds).

The event worked great. Lots of questions were answered. It was the meeting to pay for the campout. We had a lot of people sign up to come camping who hadn’t planned on it before the meeting.

We did something similar for Pinewood Derby. At the meeting when we distributed the kits we had round robin stations for:
What’s in the kit - a literal unboxing and what the pieces are.
Design ideas - old cars shown
Rules - covered the rules and paid particular attention to the ones that trip people up at check-in.
Tips and Tricks - weights, lubrication, aerodynamics.

I think we’ll do more of these round robin meetings this year to keep the groups small and limit intermingling. I just hope people still come out to the Pack meetings and activities


Thanks for the question, we had not thought that far in advance yet. We have a large Pack too. Depending on what will be allowed by the State, County, Council and Charter Org we may be doing Zoom meetings again. We had 3 of our 4 last Pack Meetings via Zoom. We made sure to have an activity during the meeting and if needed we sent out a list of supplies needed for the meeting in advance.

I like the Stations idea, thanks for sharing!

I suppose we need to keep Daylight Savings Time in mind as well when planning the outdoor meetings toward the fall months. I haven’t come up with any good ideas, but I’m currently brainstorming.

This is a good idea for summertime activities. Will keep this in mind for next year.

Oh right. Dark around 4:30 come Autumn. Darn!

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