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Annual Planning Conference

Our troop is fast approaching our Annual Planning Conference. We are looking for the 2021-2022 Calendar. The BSA Troop Leader resources still has the 2020-2021 calendar.
Annual Planning Conference | Troop Leader Resources

Boys Life hasn’t updated theirs either.

What is your troop using?


I just print out a blank calendar template if I want something to write on. Our troop also uses the Troop Planning Worksheet which spans a full year.

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The SPL/ASPL create a full year calendar using Google Sheet with column for Monthly Theme, Weekly activities (number of rows-weeks for the month), and columns for notes and planning detail, assign resources
Then each month at PLC they will edit the same Google Sheet and add more detail planning for the month.

We have a write on 12 month calendar which is blank in all aspects. Dry erase is the format but it has its inherent risks if nobody notes the items. As Clarke Greene would note…so far so good.

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