Another odd message bug where parents get auto generated ones, but not manual generated ones

We have 2 or 3 parents reporting that they get all of our scoutbook reminders. When someone sends a message, say live just to a particular den, they don’t get it. They report it isn’t in their spam folder, and again, they are getting other auto generated messages.


Test it with BCC on and off, with a copy to yourself?

Do they get the messages that go to the whole pack? When a message is sent to their den, has it been confirmed that that adult’s name is checked?

They said yes. I guess hold and I will get them to do some more testing.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’ll work right now because of a bug with messages.

Bummer, @jacobfetzer

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I was not able to reproduce this in my testing. So, knowing some more details would certainly help.

If you have their member numbers, we can check if there’s anything weird on their accounts, too.

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