Another user is using the same email address warning

Recently, this notice pops up when I log into Scoutbook.

I moved from Germany to Texas last summer and am currently registered as a committee member in the Alamo Area Council (AAC) and as a Merit Badge Counselor in the Transatlantic Council (TAC).

Before the latest recharter, both positions were under one Scoutbook account and I could see all my MBC connections regardless of which BSA ID was set as primary in my.scouting.

After recharter, if I set the AAC BSA ID as primary in my.scouting and then log into Scoutbook, I can see my kids, plus their troops and all my historical positions but not my current MBC position. But if I set the TAC BSA ID as primary and log into Scoutbook, I see just my MBC registration and nothing else. This also broke all the connections I had with Scouts I am counseling so I don’t see any of them anymore.

Is it possible to have both registered positions listed under the same Scoutbook ID? And is it possible to reconnect all the MBC connections that disappeared? Or do I have to have two separate Scoutbook accounts since I am registered in two different councils under two different BSA IDs? And do I need to manually reconnect to all the Scouts I’m counseling?

Here are my ID #s:

TAC SB ID - 6727529 (new mostly blank account)
TAC BSA ID - 12543648 (since 2017)

AAC SB ID - 1663316 (has all my info including previous positions)
AAC BSA ID - 14358257 (since 2022)

Thanks for any help!

Not possible to have 2 MIDs on one Scoutbook User. But MBC is a universal position that crosses councils, if that is the only position hanging.


I suggest you have TAC end your MBC registration and re-register as an MBC in AAC with your current MID. This would allow you to to serve in both positions with a single Scoutbook account.

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