Another user is using the same email

I am getting a warning that another user is using the same email address. Do I have two accounts? If someone can help merge them into one?
PS: I think that I have one linked to my google account and one with username and password, so can you please delete the username and password one (if possible).

  • Michael

In case a picture helps:

Typically this means you have 2 accounts or your child has your e-mail address on their account. I’ll look into it for you

Thank you, @edavignon .


You had another Scoutbook account that had no data except your e-mail address. The message will go away the next time you log in.

Thank you. Did you delete that account?

Yes the account has been deleted.

Ok. Thanks a lot!

Also I have a quick question about scout book, can I ask it in this topic?

@Michael-Wernau Go ahead and ask

Are scouts able to manage other scouts ranks, advancement, etc? For example the SPL/PLs helping people with advancement then signing them off.

No. Currently, only registered scouters can edit advancement for scouts, with the exception of the scout themselves or their parent/guardian who can mark things Completed but not Leader Approved or Awarded.

However, a scout could mark it Completed, and add a note indicating who signed it off. They could even, if they have the technology to hand, attach a photo of the handbook page with the date and initials.

ETA: There are several help articles on using Scoutbook available at I linked to several of the “getting started” ones in a prior post on these boards.

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