Another user, same email address

Im receiving the error notice again that another user is using the same email address. Now that the rechartering had gone through, can you resolve this again with my profiles?

@JamesClarkson are you in TAC or NCAC?

Im in both as a multiple. I am the Exec and COR in our NCAC troop and a scouter reserve in TAC

If this is something I have to live with while being in both, that’s okay. I just wanted to check

Well then you have 2 SB Users which is the issue - one for each MID - unless you want them combined, it mostly works for adults then

If they are combined, will I maintain my roles in both?

you should , but to one unit you will not look registered in Scoutbook - there will be warnings for them

Okay, that will not work as I need to have SB access in both

Thanks for your help!

I think you will have access, but you will have a warning triangle that says your name isn’t on the charter. I don’t believe it affects functionality.

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