Another user using same email address

Seems my Committee Chair was expanding my access to other Dens and created another account with the same email address? Now I get this message at the top when I login and still can’t access the other Dens as an admin?

Can someone here help or should I have my committee chair try something else


I am unsure of how to create my own post but … when I log into scoutbook it says that my email in use by another user. Can you help resolve?

@RobertBlackstone this is resolved

@KatherineLear this is fixed

Thank you very much!

THANK YOU for fixing this for me!!

I don’t know how to create my own post either. i logged on to Scout Book to a message that another user is using my email address. What I am supposed to do?

@HeidiCole1 this is fixed - it was attached to your scout - it is cleaned up

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