Another wrong council

MID 135826831, Lilliana, has the wrong council patch showing when parent looks at it in the app. Mom is SM of the boy troop, and is POSITIVE that this will be a problem. I know it isn’t. You know it isn’t, but Mom is not buying. I checked in VST, and she is in the correct council. She should be in 227, The Spirit of Adventure, but Mom sees her in 330, Daniel Webster. Could some kind person fix this?
Marian McQuaid
Spirit of Adventure

@MarianMcQuaid I will take a look

@MarianMcQuaid Do you have a “Change Council” option in your VST (User in Scoutbook)?

I was able to update the council for this Scout.

no, that sounds fun though!

Marian McQuaid
registrar, Spirit of adventure

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