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Any Packs considering Suspending activities do to the Virus?

Many charters think you just meet at their institution. Most leaders would think that if the situation was that the charter would not let you meet there because of the Virus, maybe they should not meet. If they still don’t know what to do talk with the COR he represents the charted institution. If he too is confused, maybe you need to ask the leader of your chartered institution. My executive director did not know that we were just like the Sunday School from a legal standpoint. We had been at the same chartered institution for 105 years.

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I wonder who signed the THE ANNUAL UNIT CHARTER AGREEMENT for the chartered organization. It states (in part):

The Chartered Organization, as a duly constituted organization that serves youth, desires to use the program(s) of the BSA to further its mission respecting the youth it supports

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Actually we have been there longer than anyone in the bldg. has been alive. The Rabbi signs the charter. The executive director told me to give it to her to review since he did not read it… She would then give it to him. I had a long talk with her and the synagogue’s attorney. I actually asked them to watch COR training on You Tube. When we had this discussion I found out that they wanted FBI background checks and urine drug screens since we were working with children. Better late than never.


In Illinois, we’re under a “shelter in place” order… but that doesn’t many any Scout program has to suspend all operations, even if some activities are no longer possible. In fact, we posted this on our district Facebook page last night:

“So are the Cub Scouts shut down?” Given the “shelter in place” order we’re all living with in Illinois, we should forgive people for asking. But the answer should be: “Absolutely not!”

For starters, Cub Scout units can still meet virtually, just like Scout Troops and Venturing Crews. Need some hints on how to do it? Check here:


Advancement can continue as well:

  • Through July 31, 2020, parents and other adults in the Cub Scout’s family, may sign off on Webelos and Arrow of Light requirements. (If possible, we strongly encourage that parents use the Scouting App or ScoutBook to record the completion of their child’s requirements.)

  • Cub Scouts can also continue to work on their current den’s advancement through July 31, 2020. This is to provide any additional time a Cub Scout needs to complete their badge of rank; if they earn their badge of rank prior to July 31, 2020, they may advance to the next rank.

So if anyone asks… be prepared to tell 'em, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

Unit leaders - If you’ve got any questions, just check with your commissioner!

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Our council now has updated guidance and it is reviewed weekly. We update the guidance as new information becomes available. This is a dynamic situation and we meet weekly, if not more frequently, to provide guidance to unit leaders. https://www.ctyankee.org/council-news/march-19-covid-19-update/

After our Council (San Diego-Imperial) suspended activities, we have gotten creating using web based meeting software. We had 3 Eagle Boards of Review, a Council Commissioner meeting, District meetings and will have a virtual Roundtable for our District next week. My daughter, a Lions Den Leader, held a virtual meeting for her den using Zoom and following YPT guidelines. I have it on excellent authority from my granddaughter, that Boom-Chicka-Boom is great fun when done virtually.

Done let Scouting activities die during this sequestering. Use virtual meetings to keep things going. Just remember to use YPT guidelines. They are posted on scouting.org.