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Any virtual meeting guides out there?

We’ve tried to do a few virtual meetings and the kids enjoy seeing each other, but the longer this stretches out, the more I feel like our meetings need a bit more structure and content.
I’ve seen a few resources here and there, but was wondering whether anyone had put together any canned virtual meeting plans like in the leader guides that they were sharing. Pretty much all of our parents were working straight through the shutdown, and we’re all feeling a bit stretched, so we could REALLY use a ready to go plan that we could just open and implement right now.
I’ve got Webelos/AOL, but would love links for any ages that someone could point me to.

Hi Christy. I created 7 Virtual Theme Meeting Power Points & a template for creating your own. Designed for a small Pack with Multi-level dens, but easily adaptable. I have uploaded the template & the Camping Prep ones
Power Point Virtual Pack Meeting Template.ppt (765.5 KB)
Virtual Pack Meeting - Camping Prep.ppt (1.2 MB)
Other Themes:
Duty to God
Fitness & Games
Food Fun & Campfires
Nature & Hiking
Teamwork & Community Service


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