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Anyone know anything about Cheddar Up?

Has anyone ever heard of (or even better, actually used) Cheddar Up for taking payments?
They claim that they’re a way to accept online payments free, which would be great, but i’m skeptical.
I guess maybe could be legit if they’re just making it free to troops as a way of building the brand.
I was just looking for an app to help me track checks that people hand me and make sure they get recorded and deposited, but if we could ditch the checks altogether, that would be an even better solution!

Our pack has used it for about three years. It’s not free, as the person paying via credit card pays a percentage of the transaction plus a transaction fee, and those paying via e-check pay just a transaction fee.

I’d say overall, it’s the most popular way the families in the pack choose to submit payments. If they don’t want to pay the transaction fees, they are more then welcome to hand it a paper check.

I just set up our pack and troop for cheddar up. We had been using PayPal but they limited our account because we could not provide proof of our business entity. They wanted utility, tax and or credit card Bill’s. Not as if we had any of those.

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