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AOL being marked as Awarded in SB as a Scout

I am trying to mark 3 boys in SB as their AOL is Awarded since it was just marked complete, and it will not allow due to not being a Star scout rank? BSA admin marked it complete, but I continue to get a report saying it was not awarded.

The Scouts have to be in a pack in order to change the status of AOL. I suggest sending an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the Scout’s names, BSA Member IDs, council and unit. Ask them to make the change for you.

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Sounds Good thanks Ed

I was told that it needs to be handled by council and it would sync then. Ugh, I can never get a reply back from them so this will take a while.


Is the problem that it is not marked complete/approved or that it is not marked Awarded? Councils can’t mark anything awarded.

Please post the SSD number for your ticket here and I will look into it.

Not marked as Awarded


It is strange that you are able to see the screen (in your post #1) for a Scout in a troop.

Can you take a look at the Scout’s Membership page? Is there a current membership for a troop and a pack for this Scout?

I was told that these Scouts were not in SB then, as the pack did not utilize it. It was marked completed by BSA Admin. in June 2019, they got it in 3/11/19. They were Scouts beginning in April…

@PatrickWest - can you go to the scout page, then look for a line that says membership, click on that and tell us what is showing in the current/active memberships.

if you have a minute I can setup a screenshare to figure it out

@DonovanMcNeil I am not allowed to do that from my work computer. I am off at 4pm CDT

@PatrickWest OK - I will send you a direct message with contact - look in top right corner at your avatar to find it. But I also think this screen shot has a clue

If you are a leader from the troop you should not be able to edit any CS level awards including marking AOL as awarded. That should not even appear as an option for you but since it does it is just confusing it with a Scout award level. Just my opinion based on the facts.

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