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AOL Crossover

I am an Arrow of Light den leader. All seven of my scouts are crossing over in a few weeks. They are splitting off into three different troops.

Do I need to do anything in Scoutbook to assign them to their new troops, or will that be handled at the troop level?

Make sure that all of their ranks, adventures, and awards are marked as Approved and Awarded prior to them turning in their transfer youth application to their new troop.


After making sure everything is marked awarded from the pack, there are 3 options:

  1. Wait for the Council to register the Scouts in the troops. They will move in Scoutbook the next day.
  2. Use Connection Manager to remove connections between your unit adults and the Scouts then put an end date on the Scout’s memberships for your pack and add a membership in each Troop for the Scouts (do not exit the Scout’s membership page before adding the troop membership)
  3. A Troop admin can use the Transfer tool on the Troop roster page to move the Scouts. They need the Scout’s last name, BSA Member ID and zip code to do this.

Any of these processes will work and different processes can be used for each Scout.

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If using the payment log, it should be zero before the scout is transferred.

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As SM, I always ask council to check before I hand over the application. And a couple times I have had to call someone to get the Cub’s record updated. Once the Cub is transferred to a troop updating their Cub record will have to be done by council.

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I would a 4th option. You can go into the Scouts “Membership” and end the membership with your pack, then “Add” a membership with the appropriate Troop. We have done that the last few years, and it seems to work for the Scout Troops around us as it makes it easier on them.

I am starting to do that also for my 11 AOLs that just crossed over.
While doing this, I am also trying to clean up their connections to leaders in the pack that no longer need to be connected to them, but I’m finding that the ‘delete connection’ button is not there - is this normal? How are you guys cleaning up the connections?

You cannot delete connections to the Scout’s parents, unit admins or den admins for the Scout’s den.

The easiest way to delete all connections to a Scout is to use the Feature Assistant Extension. With the extension installed in Chrome or Firefox, you can go to Connection Manager, click on the Scout’s name and remove all connections to the Scout (except those mentioned above) in one action.

Hi, @RyanFedon,

If you’re a unit admin, you can’t delete your connection until the scout is no longer in the unit. The easiest way to handle it is to remove all non-admin and non-family connections from the scout using the Connection Manager under My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster. Unfortunately, my old process for removing connections doesn’t seem to work correctly anymore. What I used to do was:

  1. Make sure all rank, advancement, awards, etc are marked Leader Approved and/or Awarded as appropriate. Make sure that the payment logs are zeroed out. (Still works)
  2. Click on the Scout’s name, uncheck all connection permissions, and click Set Permission. (Still works)
  3. Go to scout’s membership with your unit (My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster → Scout’s name → Memberships) and add an end date. (Still works)
  4. Go to your connections (My Dashboard → My Account → My Connections) and go to the scout’s connections. (Doesn’t work. No longer able to see scout’s connections, even though I still show a connection with Full Control of the scout in My Connections)
  5. Remove each of the other leader connections that didn’t clear when you performed step #2. Make sure you remove your connection last. **(Also doesn’t work due to no access in step #4.)

I thought that there was/is a feature request in the pipeline to “clean up” all remaining unit connections when a scout leaves a unit, but I don’t recall the status on that.

So let’s say there is a scout that I moved from the pack to a troop.
You’re saying that I can’t now go in and remove that scout’s old connections to the pack?
Is the expectation that the parent will do it? Because in my experience, that will never happen with the majority of the families.

All I know is that the process I previously used doesn’t seem to be working completely anymore. I don’t know if there is an automated process behind the scenes that strips previous admin connections. @edavignon?

If the Scout is moved by Member Update, the connections to the old unit are supposed to be removed. If the Scout is manually moved, the connections will remain.

Hrm…that might be a reason to wait for council to process the paperwork, I suppose. Can a unit admin in the new unit at least remove the previous unit’s admin connections? I ask because crossovers in my area generally become active with the troops long before council has a chance to process their paperwork, typically due to timing issues. For example, we have a new scout who “bridged” in early January, but processing his transfer paperwork has been waiting for recharter to hit so he didn’t disappear. We moved him manually so he and his family could start getting unit event information and logging advancement work he did.

Unit admins can remove any connections except:

  1. Parent/Guardian of the Scout
  2. Unit and sub-unit admins in the Scout’s unit
  3. Leaders/Admin in another unit where the Scout has an active membership

The reason for 3. is to prevent someone in Unit A from removing a connection to leaders in Unit B when the Scout is a member of both.

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Yeah - council typically takes too long to process anything.

I found that I could remove the old pack connections from my son and the other scout that is joining the same troop that he is. I could NOT remove the pack connections from the other 9 scouts that are joining different troops.

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OK. So it sounds like, if the previous unit ends the scout’s membership when they transfer the scout, then the new unit admins can remove the extraneous connections. Thanks, @edavignon!

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Make sure all Cub Scout advancements are up to date prior to crossover. Once the scout moves on to the troop it is very difficult to ensure that everything is correct. Look to see if all required adventures are listed for each rank, as well as awards. Easy to do when they are still affiliated with the pack, harder to do once they have been removed (and sometimes it is out of your control when the scout moves up to the troop)

Just this week one of the scouts in my AoL den disappeared from scoutbook and our unit roster in my.scouting. The troop he will be crossing to in 3 weeks had already had him complete his paperwork and submitted it to council. (expecting it to take a while to process). Well, council processed it right away. I was no longer connected to my scout. However the troop was able to reinvite me to connect to the scout so I could access his Cub Record (via reports tab) but I cannot add any more completions. Luckily he had already completed his rank requirements. We may finish one more elective adventure before crossover, but this just wont show on his “permanent” advancement record.
To view this scout, I have to go under "my account " then “my connections”. I no longer have access to HIS connections because I no longer have full control. (I wanted to see if he is still connected to other pack leadership).

If he was disconnected from you, he was probably disconnected from other pack leaders. When the troop reconnected you to him, what permissions did they give you if not full control. If you can’t add a membership in the pack, a pack admin can use the transfer tool to transfer them back in.

I suggest moving him back to your pack to enter his last advancement. The troop leaders will need to do this as you cannot end a membership in a unit where you are not a leader.

You may need to contact scoutbook.support@scouting.org to have them approve them since he is no longer on your official roster.

Include the Scout’s name, BSA Member ID, unit and council along with a list of items that need to be approved.

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