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AOL Den Bridge

Question on when packs hold their Blue and Gold Banquet and when they bridge their AOL Den on to Boy Scouts. Our pack has traditionally done this in February at no charge to pack families, it is paid for with dues and fund raising money. However with BSA dues due in December for the following year we have had families who do not plan on continuing with boy scouts not want to register for the new year paying dues when they will bridge out of cubs in February.
Curious as to what other pack are doing?
Pack 201

I’ve seen it handled several different ways. The most common I’ve seen is to pro-rate the unit-level dues, but charge the full BSA dues (council & national) since one can not generally register a scout for a partial-year at the beginning of the dues year.

Of course, the pack will likely lose money on that since that two months of AOL is often the most expensive two months in all of Cub Scouts, depending on what they present the scouts with.

That could be true, depending on how the pack budgeted things. A lot of the packs I talked to budgeted based on a certain number of awards (rank, belt loops, temporary patches) per rank level, then divided that cost up based on some number of scout-years that were active all at the same time, effectively smearing some costs of the last few months of AoL into the rest of the program years. Our packs didn’t award a bunch of “extras” (e.g. arrows/plaques), though, so that may have saved our bacon.

I’d have to reach out to our old pack to see how it’s done now. They have a lot fewer scouts at the moment, so they may have changed their budgeting scheme to more directly reflect those costs on a program-year basis, rather than a months-of-participation basis. We also tended to charge for participation in some events. For example, some years, PWD cars were included. In others, we had to either raise dues due to lack of fundraising success, or reduce some costs, so we passed the cost of the cars along explicitly.

Something to be aware of for the Scouts who will not be continuing on to a troop:

After they drop off your roster as part of recharter, you won’t be able to approve their ranks, adventure pins, or other awards in Scoutbook. So they might want to get all of their advancements completed before December 31st.

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That’s really the key. You need to add it all up and see what makes sense.

That would be my concern. I suppose that if they aren’t planning on continuing, perhaps they don’t care about officially completing the rank?

I would not make that assumption. Communicate with the parents as soon as possible and find out what they want to do. They might be able to get everything finished up before December 31st.

In my above post, I should have said “for the Scouts who will not be rechartering with the pack…”

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