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AOL Moving to Troop in Scoutbook

We have a Scout who is ready to move to a Troop. Unfortunately we were unable to award him his stuff on the day he was supposed to crossover and the ceremony has now been postponed. Mom thinks that he won’t be able to move to the Troop until his items are awarded and wants to put in a fake date including his Townes (application submitted but NO medals due to back orders). I had Scouts from a different Pack transferred to my Pack. They still had their items marked as needing to be awarded.

So the question is, if an AOL Scout moves to the Troop will their stuff have to be awarded first, or will the Troop just see it as needs awarding? Should we put in a fake date, including the one for the Supernova?

It is the Date of Completion that is important - AND you want to at least mark it awarded in SB cause the Troop cannot mark anything that is cub stuff. Just order it if needed and you can get it to troop in future so they can present it as they wish


Before marking these awarded, make sure they are on a Purchase Order that has been closed so that you can generate the Advancement Report in the future if necessary.


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