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AOL Rank Requirement 1 checks and balances in Scoutbook

Build-in checks and balances for the AOL date earned in reference to the 1st requirement for the AOL badge. For example if a processor tries to enter a date for the Star Rank before the requirement of being a First Class Scout for four months has passed, Scoutbook will not allow it and stops the processor with an error message. Why doesn’t Scoutbook build-in the 1st requirement for AOL so a Pack cannot post a date for AOL before a scout has been six months out from either turning 10 years old or from graduating the 4th grade.
Our council recently received a transfer application to a Troop for a 4th grader, age 9, but earned AOL in the Pack. The youth does not meet the age or grade requirements for joining a Troop. He will turn 10 in May, but his AOL is invalid because he has not met the 1st requirement for AOL. Now we have a mess. The Pack entered the AOL rank with a Feb date in Scoutbook without any warnings. If they had been warned, if Scoutbook had performed a check and balance looking at grade and birthdate, the Pack could’ve have been informed of their error and prevent this crossover from happening too soon.


Unfortunately because of the grade requirement for AOL it is not possible for Scoutbook to accurately check the AOL date. Scoutbook does not know when a Scout completed the 4th grade.