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AOL requirements before finishing all Webelos requirements

In the 2021 Guide to Advancement, it clearly states “However, Adventures required for the Arrow of Light rank must wait until the Webelos rank has been earned.” This sentence was added to section, which otherwise is unchanged from the 2019 Guide to Advancement.

The Webelos handbook I purchased for my scout in 2020 says, “The requirements for Webelos and Arrow of Light may be worked on at the same time, but the tenure requirements must be met and the awards must be completed and presented sequentially.” (page 4)

With respect to required adventures, I think this is a contradiction. During COVID, my scout was “scouting at home” and earned his Webelos rank, but he also worked on a handful of individual requirements for AOL required adventures. Does he have to go back and redo all of those (after earning the Webelos badge)?

Although there may be a clear intent to do Webelos first and then AOL, it would be strange for the handbook authors to go out of their way to explicitly state that “The requirements for Webelos and Arrow of Light may be worked on at the same time” if it weren’t permissible. Does the version of the Webelos handbook being sold now still say this?

What are your thoughts? Thanks!

This is the first time it has said that in the guide to advancement. Since it is essentially a new requirement, I wouldn’t punish those who worked them simultaneously. Said another way, the current 5th graders would be grandfathered into the old way since they likely had things signed off and it would t be right to unsign them.

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I agree with @jacobfetzer. I personally would not tend to penalize scouts who comply with the process as indicated in the handbook, since they generally would have no reason to be familiar with the Guide to Advancement. Den leaders and other scouters in the pack should be aware of and familiar with the Guide. In my opinion, they should be making sure that the change is communicated to the scouts and their parents for scouts who are just entering the Webelos program, including the fact that the handbook contradicts this change (at the moment). I expect that it will take a non-trivial amount of time for a change like this to propagate out in practice.

I’ll also note that the handbook was published before the most recent Guide to Advancement, so the conflict is not surprising.

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There is a new 2021 edition of the Webelos handbook listed online. I bet that has it. It looks like only Webelos was updated.

Edit: see @CharleyHamilton ‘s post.

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The link doesn’t seem to be related to your post. I looked at scoutshop.org, and found what you were talking about.

It could be that the text related to concurrent work on both ranks is updated, but the blurb sure makes a hash of things:

Opps! Yes. Your link is the correct one.

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