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AOLs who are not Continuing to a Troop

My recent pack had some scout who moved to a troop and are no longer in my pack. 2 did not continue their journey with scouts and still sit in a den in our pack. How do i remove them? can I remove them?

I disapproved their den, but it still sits there.

If you are sure that they are done, you can go to their Scout’s Membership page and put a date ended on their current membership with the den / pack. Once the den no longer has any Scouts or adult leaders assigned to it, you can disapprove the den, and it will disappear.


You may also want to remove any connections to the scout, excluding pack or den admins and parents because ending their membership in your pack.

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Thank you both. I went in and added an end date (bridging date) to their den membership. This kept them active with BSA, but also removed then from our den and pack. I also removed the appropriate connections before processing.

Thank you again for the assistance.