API error when accessing applications

When I access my unit’s applications, I get an API error at top:

This is Venturing Crew 863 in Circle Ten Council (571).

@ArenCambre - this may be related to the data center migration. I will need to check my units later.

Even if true, the error message is cryptic and is borderline on information leakage. It needs improvement.

Yeah, this is failing for me too, at both the Pack and District level. Interestingly, the Invitation manager and all the other parts of my.scouting I quickly checked seem to be fine.

Without really knowing the architecture behind these systems, nor how that relates to the data center migration, I suspect there will be some more curious issues over the next 2 days.

I am impressed by the sheer complexity BSA IT is dealing with as it transitions to newer systems. It wouldn’t surprise me if that led to unavoidable errors during a major data-center operation like this.

I have revised my original post. I can see applications. I was expecting to see an application that, to the applicant’s error, had not been submitted yet. But the API-related message is still a true issue.

@ArenCambre - as a data center support person who worked a migration that spanned a timeline of what seemed like it would never end we did finish it in 2006. Now fast forward to now, we are now spanning even more sites and co-location sites. I would suspect like most co-lo sites work is done on THEIR timeline. Access to the cabinets, circuits and people are based on what they dictate when you are a non-owner.

I am able to access all of the unit data in IA so not sure where the issues may reside but things should improve as the hosts are normalized.

I’m a web dev nerd, so I am allergic to data centers. :wink:

@ArenCambre - I have heard of this… well most are restricted access as it is. :slight_smile:

From what I gather on these forums, Scoutnet is being retired this year. I have vivid memories from around 2000, when it first came online, which was right when I started as an adult volunteer. Let’s just say, it took some time for the DE’s to get used to, and that was when the IT systems only had to support professionals.

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We are getting this error as well. I see no applications but I know I have 3 transfer apps waiting. Any idea of the turn around time to fix the issue? Capitol Area Council

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