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API to write an Attendance App for Checkin Tables

Hello -

Currently our pack utilizes a print out where each scout signs in next to their name for the event, and then someone with the proper permissions has to go back and manually enter the scouts. I was looking into writing an app for an ipad that I can have at the check in table, have the scouts select the den they are in then tap their name and it would check them in, and toggle the attendance flag on scoutbook. Does anyone know if there is any sort of API to do this? It would be nice if the app could download the roster from scoutbook and then update automatically…

There are no APIs available for Scoutbook.

If the app you are suggesting would write straight to the attendance in Scoutbook, would it be just as easy to open it to the event page to let scouts click on their own name?

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If only scoutbook was that user friendly. We have the sign in organized by dens and ranks. Scoutbook times out way to fast and the event has to be in the past.

Scoutbook allows attendance to be taken starting 1 hour prior to the event start time. This now works in all time zones.

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Not sure how it would work for a Pack, but you could have the Scouting app running on a tablet for a troop, with the Scribe, SPL, or ASPL signed in, and let the Scouts sign in that way.

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