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APIs for Scoutbook

Not sure if they already exist or not, but if not looking to put in a feature request to have APIs built to allow developers to create their own Apps to record advancements and have them automatically updated in Scoutbook. I have been disappointed by the lack of a mobile app for leaders recording advancements, that I would like to build one myself.

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I don’t know if the BSA’s stance on this has changed, but I believe that there was a previous post in the discussions that no APIs were going to be provided. AFAIK, the only data interchange is via the upload files to IA2 from certain commercial software.

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@TylerVogel - no word on public API’s although since this is web based, are they not able to reach scoutbook.com from their mobile devices ?

The BSA has stated multiple times they will not create any public APIs that write to the Scoutbook database. They have previously discussed creating a REST API to allow for custom reports, but given the BSA bankruptcy, I doubt we will see any progress on this in the foreseeable future.


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