Application timing and AoL award

I have an AoL Cub Scout who would like to join our Scout Troop. He has earned his AoL badge and it is marked as Approved but not Awarded in Scoutbook. His Pack does not plan to hold an awards ceremony until this summer but he is ready to join a Troop. If he submits a transfer application before AoL is marked as awarded, will this cause problems in Scoutbook?

I would coordinate with the pack, so that they can close their Purchase Orders, if needed, and close out the payment log. But the Scout does not have to wait until the summer to join a troop.

And I would also have the pack mark AOL as awarded. If I were the Cubmaster, I would give the Scout the AOL patch now since it can be worn on the Scouts BSA uniform. The Scout could still attend an awards ceremony to be publically recognized.

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