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Archive a Cub Scouts Information

I have a scout that is taking the year off because of Covid. They plan on coming back, I do not want to delete and lose all the scouts information and rank advancements. I cannot find how to archive his information to bring back for next year. How do you archive?

Put an end date on the Scout’s Membership. The Scout will be removed from your Pack Roster, but the data will still be in the database.

When the scout returns, they’ll presumably need to fill out a new application (assuming you don’t recharter them). Make sure you list their bsa member number on the paper application and list that they are returning. That will ensure that they are registered as the same scout. It will also automatically start a new membership for them in your unit.

This is a good reason to do a backup of the whole unit to local files. You can then look back at the BSA ID when you lose access. I try to make one every couple of months. I date it with the date so I can go back.


Thanks, but I am trying not to have to retype all the information back in Scoutbook. We are still using Troopmaster until the end of this year and you are able to archive the scout and parent. It will archive all the scouts ranks, time with the pack, etc… I am looking for help on how to so this in Scoutbook. Thoughts?

You will not have to retype everything in. If they rejoin with the same bsa member number, they will automatically add a new start date to the same scoutbook account that you are presently using.

All you need to do is keep the Scout’s BSA member number, and make sure that it gets put on the Scout’s BSA youth application when he returns as a former Scout.

You could provide his family with a pdf version of the Scout’s “Cub Scout History Report” (or Scouts BSA History Report for older Scouts). This report has his BSA member number on it.

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So it is ok to delete their profile in Scoutbook? All their advancements will be saved on the server I take it?

you are not deleting anything - all you are doing is putting an end date on the current membership - you might not see the Scout in your unit but they are still in SB database

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There are some good general help entries relevant to the idea of ending a membership here:

As @jacobfetzer, @JenniferOlinger and @DonovanMcNeil noted, you’re not trying to delete their account/profile. You’re just ending their association with your unit by putting an end date on the membership:

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Don’t delete ANYTHING

When you put the end date to his membership, it should hide his info from your unit.

If you delete something from Scoutbook, it will also be deleted from his Scout history.


@JospehIorio Go to:

  1. The Scout’s Membership page (see picture below on how to get there)
  2. Click on the Scout’s current membership with your pack
  3. Add a Date Ended

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Great thanks Donovan!

Thanks Charley. I will take a look.

Ok I see where the end date goes. Thanks Steve.

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Perfect thanks Jennifer.

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