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Are Blue Cards Being Phased Out?

May I suggest addressing the issue of how MB requirement completions are being documented with the “council committee” not the “council office”. Or more specifically the council advancement and council camping and outdoors committees (or their equivalent in you council.) Your chartered organization representative is a voting member of your council committee and may be able to help.


We have been in one council where the scouts turning in their eagle application also needed to have all blue cards and merit badge cards as well as rank cards.



Great suggestion. We all often “blame council” when it really is/should be a manifestation of the committees. Issues with how blue cards at camp are done? The council camping committee (or what ever committee runs your camp program) would be a great place to discuss it.

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Yeah, ours is that way. ScoutBook records don’t count, they want the actual blue cards.

FWIW, I find working with the blue cards even at camp not a problem. I just use the template and print them out using the 3/per 8.5/11" sheet and it worked great. Updating them via Excel wasn’t an issue either.

Yes, I do an awful lot with ScoutBook but TBH not every scout/parent/leader updates them regularly. At least with a physical piece of paper it’s beyond doubt what was actually signed off by the MBC, which is especially useful for partials.

Don’t get me wrong, I love SB but I just checked my own record and the migration of moving training from SB to myscouting resulted in a large number of my trainings to be lost. Thankfully I have paper copies, else I’d be screwed.

If they ever did 100% ScoutBook I’d think printing them out regularly would be a smart idea. FWIW we do all our advancement tracking in SB vs. the scout hand book, but the downside is that especially the younger scouts have no access to SB and no idea how well they are doing. My duaghter’s troop uses their scout manual as the source of truth vs. SB, so I can see the advantage of that.

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@PaulHoeffer - I did want to clarify one thing. The training has been maintained at my.scouting/scoutnet. All that scoutbook did was a screen scrap of what was listed for a specific BSA ID.

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  1. Which training are you referring to? For what position or tool?
  2. The BSA my.Scouting Tools portal to online training at the BSA Learn Center is “”.
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@Bill_W - to clarify, the official record of training would be what was recorded in scoutnet and searchable by ID or name in legacy tools in my.scouting or in the training reports of my.scouting for unit k3- or those with the k-3 delegate or unit training chair, district training chair etc… Scoutbook would not be considered the source for training verification.

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This was used to both 1] copy training into Scoutbook and 2] verify the training if it was manually entered into Scoutbook. Manually entered, unverified training would show as a different color.

So, manually entering training into Scoutbook never created an entry into the official training records.

The unit Key 3, unit Training Chair, District Training Chair, District Key 3, council registrar, and others have the ability to enter training for folks. Not all know the process, but they have permission and access. These are the folks to talk with to get your training record up to date.

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I think you guys are talking about two different things… The discussion curved from blue cards to adult training when the @Stephen_Hornak said “Scoutbook would not be considered the source for training verification”. The official record for adult training is not a blue card.

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@SteveCagigas - yes, I think I ignore the advice of the GPS when I went down the training road but I was just commenting on what @PaulHoeffer had mentioned about training. We can get back onto the interstate of Blue Cards now.


I was lost in the discussion when I wrote my incorrect response. I have removed it.

For a recent adult training records issue I suggest reading the related adult training records discussion at:

Back to “blue cards”.

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In the 2.5 years my child has been in Scouts BSA, I don’t think he’s ever been given (or seen?) a Blue Card.

Despite this, he’s collected a few badges and his Scoutbook records show a few more incompletes. All his badge work has been at “merit badge university,” Hornaday weekend, or summer camp.

I understand how merit badges have traditionally been done, but it seems from my limited vantage point that the organization is moving in a new direction while hanging on to the old method.

If it were me, I’d like a hard copy showing the progress I had made, but maybe that’s a reflection of my advancing age.

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Two issues with the Blue card thing.
1.The last two years the camps our Troop attended provided a digital format for Blue Cards. The first year our Scout Master got all the Blue Cards signed as well. No effort to do that was made this year. What do I give to the Scout for his records and what do I keep in our Troop paper records? Just the print out? With over 100 Merit badges earned that week, the idea of typing and reprinting all that information onto a printable Blue card makes me want to run for the hills.
2. Am I just not finding it or is there really no position specific training for Advancement Chair? There is so much to know and remember it seems like there should be some training for this.

  1. If they used Black Pug, you can use the feature assistant extension to import into Scoutbook and then print blue cards on the 3 per sheet that the scout shops sell.
  2. The officially registered position for advancement chair is committee member. As such, that is your position specific training. (I agree though, that there is much more to learn)
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For my reply I have created a separate discussion topic:

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