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Are online applications syncing into Scoutbook?

Are the online applications now being synced into Scoutbook? Our pack has used the online applications for the past 2 years (since it launched) … this will be our 3rd year. The previous 2 years I’ve had to manually enter all online applications into Scoutbook. However, this year new scouts are appearing in a new section on my main Scoutbook screen called “Scouts Not in a Den.” I’m also having issues with those new applications I’ve entered - likely because of duplicate profiles. I can only assume a sync is occurring, but vital information is missing in the profiles that I’m not entering, such as grade which would allow me to assign them to a den. I can’t find anything in Forums about a sync occurring this year. Did I miss a post?

Yes Scouts come over with Member Update now once entered into the system (either online or once a council types it in) - I don’t think grade does come in though, but I will check.

Grade does not come in. I usually capture it on a sign in sheet.

So the paper applications will also come over? I had manually entered those alredy, and added parents as connections, so I want to keep those. I should probably delete the duplicate profiles the council is entering, yes? I’ll just need to grab the BSA # from the council entered scouts and enter it into the ones I manually entered. Is there a reason I shouldn’t delete the once that are now syncing and keep the ones I manually entered?

I checked all 8 of the ones that were synced over, and none of them have grade. If they are going to sync over the scouts, can they add grade? That will let us know what den to assign them to and avoid having to track down the application.

We are respirating that they add grade and a few other fields to the member update.

Yes, all new apps will automatically come into Scoutbook. If they already exist and find an exact match on first name, last name, and date of birth, it will add the bsa member number to the existing scout instead of creating a duplicate.

You won’t be able to delete the scout that came in via member update or add the member number to the one you manually created. If you haven’t added anything to the manually created one, you could delete that one. Otherwise, send an email to and ask them to merge them.

One last question - will they be adding/linking the parent information? Or do we need to get the applications and update the council-created profiles with parent info and issue the invitation for them to connect to their scout’s profile? I want to understand what (if anything) will need to be done with these new synced profiles besides assigning them to a den. Thanks!

Parents are not automatically connected to scouts who come in through member update. There is a separate request for that, but that is a much tougher ask.

Parents who are already connected to another scout (including the duplicate), have a position as a registered leader in your unit or another, or are Lion/Tiger adult partners will be available to search in the search bar.

Got it. Thanks so much, and this is a big improvement.

I’ve only had one online registration. Before I approved it, I was able to see the Scout’s grade in school on Invitation Manager. After I approved it, I couldn’t see anything.

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