Are the icons in the IR2.0 roster view documented anywhere?

If the a list anywhere of the various icons on the roster view in IR2.0?

For instance, what is the meaning of the blue seal with a white exclamation point on it? image

The blue stack of forms with a white plus sign on it appears to mean “multiple”.

Have I missed the master list of icons somewhere?

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Similar issue here. Listed next to duplicated adult member entries on our rosters? Says “new” when you scroll over it with the mouse…

Yeah, too bad they aren’t self evident or have a tool tool tip. If I recall there was a white on blue question mark above the billing info that mean nothing in particular. All there was a location pin next to the street address blank that did nothing. Such an icon sometimes means that it will auto fill in based on location.

Well, with the pencil (edit), the Scouter, and the Scout, we now know 5!!! Woo hoo!

If you hover over this one, a tooltip will show up and say that this person is “New”. New people are people who have been added since the unit’s recharter was active.

Yes, if I were a Key 3, I would have done that. Instead I had to ask a unit to do that because there was no documentation.