Are there still Den Admins having issues with advancement?

If so post the DL’s MID (BSA#) - what the issue was - and post the Scout’s MID and what item failed.

Yes, I’m the Advancement Chair and I can’t enter any advancements for Bears. This is the error I’m getting when I try on each of the bears on different dens. I’ve tried different adventures including the quick entry option on an adventure and none of them will save without getting the error. I’ve had no issues with the other ranks I’ve entered. I’ve also done SHIFT+ Refresh multiple times. The comments are saving, but the completion date is not. Here is one of the Members with the issue: 140517819
HTTP GET on resource ‘’ failed: not found (404).

@KimberlyNix - try flipping the version of the of the adventure/rank from 2024 to prior then back

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That worked! Thanks!

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