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Are two leaders required on a scout group text thread?

I’m aware of the BSA’s policy of always including a parent or another leader when texting a scout to maintain Youth Protection’s “no one-one-one contact” policy. I have a more nuanced question.

Our Patrol Leaders’ Council has created a group text thread to communicate to one another, and included me (the Scoutmaster) on the thread. In a group text situation, and I required to have them add another adult in the conversation? As far as I’m aware, this isn’t a one-on-one contact situation, as it’s a group of about 5-6 scouts and myself, and I’m not sure a text thread would be considered a “meeting” under two-deep leadership policy.

Any guidance here?

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I would think you are fine, but might not be bad idea to bring someone else in the circle


Yep. There’s nothing lost if you invite an ASM to the group chat…

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Well, nothing except chipping away at the vision of the pinnacle scouting experience of hiking and camping independently with your mates.

That said, it’s a good thing for someone impartial to monitor. Any text-based media can turn abusive. And, an SM and certain ASMs will have the maturity to follow-up weekly with scouts. You really have to choose your adult wisely. It has to be someone the scouts wouldn’t mind speaking freely with, but also someone with the presence of mind to avoid inserting him/herself in the thread. Better to talk to the scout, or if necessary their parent depending on the level of concern you may have.

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