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Arrow of Light and Boy Scout, Scout Rank

Hi All,

I need some help, we have some confusion, we have some scouts who have completed with their Arrow of Light as Webelos II and transitioned to Boy Scouts and their parents are suggesting that completion Arrow of Light by default means they also have completed the Scout Rank in Boy Scouts.

Can you someone help me clarify this point? Do Arrow of Lights scouts automatically qualify for Scout Rank completion?

Please advise.

Thank you…!!!

No, they do not. To earn Scout Rank you must be registered as a Scout BSA Scout and therefore since you were a cub scout you are not registered in a troop and also have to have had a SM conference. But the requirements are very similar to Scouting Adventure for Arrow of Light most Scouts should have no trouble reviewing this with their Troop Guide and Patrol Leader and the Scoutmaster.


No, they don’t automatically qualify as having completed Scout rank. Work done prior to joining Scouts BSA does not count towards advancement in Scouts BSA. That’s clear in the Guide to Advancement.

However, what they have done as Webelos for the Scouting Adventure is largely congruent with what they need to do to earn the Scout rank. So, they demonstrate those skills and that knowledge to the person(s) designated by the Scoutmaster and can rapidly complete their Scout rank. There is no minimum time associated with that rank, so in principle a new scout could join a troop, and that same day demonstrate all of the things needed to earn Scout rank.


Official BSA source:


This is all you need to know.
Suggesting does not equate to discovering a loophole. Unless they are referencing a trustworthy source (as Jennifer did), skepticism is warranted. You were wise to doubt. But these kinds of “suggestions” will keep on coming until you respond in a way that places the scouts at the center of their advancement. Here’s my approach:
“Great! Have your scout read the Scouts BSA handbook with his PL, troop guide, or instructor. Together they will implement advancement as written.”


The parents are almost right.

The Webelos should know all the scout rank material from one of their adventures. But in order to get scout, they need to demonstrate it to someone in the troop. If they work really hard, they can knock out this rank in a meeting or two.

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They do have to work hard. A troop is a busy operation, and our boys seem more interested in picking up skills rather than checking off boxes. It looks like we’re getting a swarm of crossovers this spring, and for a few months already my scouts have been discussing how they are going to help them all make rank.


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@Qwazse a swarm of crossovers and scouts excited to help them advance is a pretty good problem to have!