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Arrow of Light option not available for older scouts

For some reason only younger Scouts are showing the Arrow of Light Award. When I try to add these for the older scouts the option does not appear. I was told that the Pack had to input this, but at the time they were still in Webelos we did not have Scoutbook. Any suggestions?

If it was recorded properly in Internet advancement at the time, it should be there automatically… unless scouts were registered as a new scout in the troop instead of transferring the existing scout.

You will need to contact your local council to see about getting their Arrow of Light ranks added.

They were not transferred in. Scoutbook was not in use at they time they crossed over.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. All advancement that was entered into the old internet advancement should be in Scoutbook now automatically. So, someone didn’t do something right at that time if it’s not in Scoutbook, regardless of what system they used it that time. It should have been entered into IA in order for them to purchase the awards. I’d be a little concerned that there are duplicates of all those scouts. But it’s also possible no one entered it anywhere at the time. As Jennifer mentioned, you probably need to talk to your council registrar.

@ThomasTobin - I would follow up with the pack leaders. Now admittedly if AOL was not earned then there it is. However if it was earned and missed before crossing then follow the prior advice


This is common with units not tracking stuff in Scoutbook. Solution is as previously mentioned, with some granularity on particulars.

  1. Make a list of all with AOL not showing.
  2. Contact the Scout, parents, or DL to verify AOL was, in fact, earned. If yes, ask for and record the date.
    (NOTE: If the pack or den did not keep detailed records, most folks will cite their crossover date as the date earned. That is fine…the registrar just needs a date on or prior to their “Date Joined Scouts, BSA.”)
  3. Be aware, if the Scout did not earn AOL, they must meet one of the other two criteria for joining: A. Be 11 years old, OR B. Be at least 10 years old AND completed the fifth grade. This could play a factor later when submitting Eagle applications. That is, if the Scout did not earn AOL, and has some advancement recorded before one of the other two criteria are met, that application could be rejected.
  4. Call your registrar and ask how they wish to handle…some will take an email list, some will ask for a paper advancement report. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34403.pdf
  5. In either case, I recommend you include Full Name and BSA ID to help the registrar locate their record if there are any issues.

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