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Arrow of Light Striping Question

Question, I am going to be doing the AOL Award Arrow and have a question on Striping. What color or colors would be used for Cyber Chip? I have a template on where the striping goes, but that is not listed.

Is it my choice on the color or is there a specific color for it and where would it go on the Striping.

As this is all “unofficial”, it would be what ever you choose. You could update the guide or send it back to who made it and ask for an update.

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I have never heard of this being done. Handing out arrows isn’t even universal so you can make up your own colors.

kind of regional really - I did 18 for my den and 4-5 years later they are all in closets i bet

I threw mine out after about 28 years. Then, girls are let in and I was like, if only I would have kept it 3 more years! My oldest daughter got one and I would have loved to show her mine.

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