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Not sure you can, I will look around - But also @HiramRodriguez I dont see why it would matter??

The personal protection date is blank in Individual History Report even though 6a and 6b have dates and Scout Rank has been earned. Please advise.

Sorry to hear that. I hope to transition from troopmaster this summer. I have same issue so I’ve contacted my council contact to understand more. I want to have things like this ironed out before involving parents.

I accidentally checked star rank complete? How do I clear it at the top level? I tried to clear the date, but it doesn’t seem to accept a blank date, it won’t uncheck.

Hi, @EricSpurgeon,

You should be able to remove the “leader approved” tick mark first. Then, save and re-enter the approval. At that point you should be able to remove the date and save.

I am in the key 3 and have added about 10 new events to Scoutbook. Most of our parents do not log into Scoutbook. How can I have Scoutbook send the event information to their email accounts?


Hi, @SusanKerpan,

By inviting people to the events, you can create a reminder email that goes out to all of the invitees. You can send an immediate reminder, schedule one for the future, or both.

You can also circulate the ical link for the scoutbook calendar so that they can subscribe to the calendar through their mail/calendar software.

Make sure you edit the event and click the manage reminders button.

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