ASM/Parent Multiple BSA ID

Deep dive into our Troop’s scoutbook roster revealed several ASM’s that have multiple BSA ID’s.
Can I get help merging these BSA member numbers?
ASM T M #12591924 (Parent T M #13103423)
ASM A V #14205569 (Parent A V #14107483)
ASM S W #13959598 (Parent S W #13820150)
Please advise. Thanks!

From Moderator: Edited to remove names

It looks like (from what you posted) the names are mismatches in at least some of the cases, which might make it difficult for folks outside of your council registrar to “fix” entirely. In an ideal world, I believe the registrar can transfer the parent-to-scout association from the parent number to the ASM number, then delete those parent numbers, as long as only one of them has a background check associated with it. I could be wrong, though, since I don’t have access to those tools.

However, if all of the PII (e.g. name, DOB) matches, the adults can go into their own my.scouting accounts and add the “parent” number as a secondary number on their “registered leader” account. That’s how I “merged” the BSA ID from my youth registration into my then DL (now ASM) registration.

@JenniferLibby I sent you a private message.

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