Assigning a returning Cub Scout to our Den

Our Pack has a scout (137473869) whose family moved away after his Tiger year. In Scoutbook on his personal Membership > Reassign Den page, his End Date was added to reflect this move. He is not associated with our Pack on Scoutbook any more.

However, his family has returned and he is rejoining our Pack as a Bear. His membership with National on my.scouting has been active this entire time and because he did not join another unit during their year away, he has been on our roster and charter this whole time.

How do we get him reassigned to our Pack on Scoutbook?

@DavidUnger I forced a sync for the scout to get him to show up - overnight he should show up out of den - you can handle from there

Thank you for the quick reply and action.

Actually, there is a second scout as well (14677852). Similar situation, but I only present one in the first post as a test case. Since I cannot replicate the solution and we need your help to do the sync, I kindly ask if you could help with his account as well.

We truly appreciate you and the other experts who post here. Thank you!

@DavidUnger that second one is set for a sync

Thank you very much!

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