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Assigning leader to new Den

an existing SB Den leader is moving into a new Den (Webelos 1 to AoL den leader). I can not seem to assign them to be the den leader anywhere.

The den exists and has two members.
Leader exists as was assigned to the Webelos 1 den as Den leader. I go into the Pack, AoL den page (where I can assign them to be Den Admin just not Leader) and where is says to Add Leader I go in there and input their name, email and BSA member # but it says does not exist when I click search.

any ideas how I can assign them as AoL den leader?

they are BSA # 13535843

If they are already a leader in your unit, you should just be able to click on them in your roster and assign the new position. I’ve never gotten the “search” to work for a leader already associated with the unit.

yes, that would be the logic but it does not work.

What is your role in the unit? I assume you already verified they are on your roster, based on what you posted.

im the cub master and pack admin

Have you tried resetting your admin position? You can do that by going to My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Roster → Your Name

Then, select the Unit Admin role, then saving the position. Sometimes logic behind the scenes gets glitched and what looks like a functional Unit Admin role isn’t. Generally, I’ve seen that be an issue with scout-related, rather than leader-related, tasks. That said I’ve never encountered an issue where an admin was unable to add a leadership role to someone already on the roster by clicking on their positions and adding the role.

@jongillespie I found the leader’s e-mail on both her and her Scout’s Scoutbook account. I removed the e-mail from the Scout’s account, so give it a try now.