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Assistance in IDing items

My wife got some items ordered from shop goodwill. Anyone know what these are?

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The largest item in the top photo is a Girl Scouts of the USA charm bracelet. The charm is not one of the Studio 2B charms. Studio 2B was an alternative GSUSA program aimed at teens. The girls generally wore no uniforms and earned charms for their bracelets instead of badges. The program existed from 2002 through 2012. This is the only GSUSA program of which I am aware that had a bracelet as official insignia. Yours appears to simply be for civilian wear. It has the Girl Scout Motto inscribed on it in several languages.

The den mother pin was worn on the den mother cap. When men became eligible for the position, the den leader was still called den mother or den dad for a few years. These caps started falling out of use in the 1970s. Instead of “Cub Scouts” on the top, older pins would say “Cubs BSA.” There must be thousands of these around. For a photo, see https://www.sageventure.com/history/cub/DM.html The den mother in the photo at the top of the page is properly wearing the cap, tilted to the right. She has the pin properly placed on the cap as well.

The two fleur-de-lis pins look like Tenderfoot parent pins.

The Thanks pin is BSA SKU #109. There are no official criteria for earning/presenting it. It is for nonuniform wear only.

The blue enamel pin is a Cub Scout lapel pin for nonuniform wear.

The second photo shows a hook and loop dangle device with pebble patches attached. These can be used by camps or at events. Frequently, there will be a hook and loop hexagon-shaped patch for the middle, and the pebbles are attached around the edges. The idea is for the Scouts to earn pebbles. If used at a Cub Scout resident camp, they may make some of the pebbles easy to earn (generally requiring only participation) and others difficult. See http://betasg.deco-apparel.com/page/services/pebble-patches


The charm one has Be Prepared on it in different languages and I was not aware it was a GSUSA charm.

Thank you on everything I posted. I am sorting everything between BSA and GSUSA.

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