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Assistant Scoutmaster also listed as a Scout in the patrol

I clicked through both instances and am definitely getting different profile pages (ASM shows Positions of Responsibility only while “Scout” shows his advancement history, scout account, activity logs, etc.), but the BSA IDs are identical.

go in and end MEMBERSHIP in troop - that will end youth position

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BEFORE YOU DO THAT, take a look at both of his membership profiles. If he’s active in Venturing or with the OA, he should still have a youth profile attached to his BSAID. You need to make sure that’s set up correctly before ending any of his memberships.

@SteveCagigas in SB only Youth have memberships - Adults have positions

Yes, and we have an ASM that also has a membership in a Venture Crew. I can see his complete youth profile as well as his adult profile.

Well but the membership is in the Crew not the troop

Also check his Scout’s Leadership page to make sure there aren’t any active youth leadership positions in the troop.

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(Just to clarify, this ASM is not a member of the OA or Venturing. He should be just listed as an adult leader.)

So I looked on the “Scout” profile and clicked on his Membership, and there is no current membership listed. Is this just a recording bug in Scoutbook?

@JonathanTrudell Are you able to see his [Scout]'s Leadership page?

I can see the “Scout” Leadership page. It has his history of positions of responsibility from when he was a Scout but has no reference to his current role as ASM.

None of the positions of responsibility are listed as current (i.e. all have end dates), correct? Holdover positions of responsibility can sometimes cause issues with how an individual shows up in the system.

Are they listed in member manager as an ASM?

@CharleyHamilton correct, none of his youth PoRs are current, they all have end dates.

@jacobfetzer when logging onto my.scouting.org, he is listed as an ASM only. I’m unsure as to why Scoutbook all of a sudden has an active Scout profile when he should just be listed as an adult leader.

I’ve sent you a direct message to get some info to pass along to the developers.

When this happens to my Troop I put in a trouble ticket with Scoutbook (go to Help, Contact Us) and they move the scout to an adult to fix it in a day or so.

We are hoping the developers can quickly find the root cause to prevent this issue going forward.

I’ve had this problem with one adult leader for over a year. Dad is listed as an adult leader (Asst Den Leader) and as a scout at the den level. He was a boy scout in this council a decade or more ago but his troop involvements in membership are both listed as past. I have had 2 trouble tickets into SB on this over the past year and the last I heard was that it had been sent to the developers for review/fixing. To date dad is both a scout (at the den level) and an asst. den leader still.


Post the SSD numbers of the tickets. We will try to find out what is going on with them.

Sadly I sent the email from work and it has been deleted by the company auto-retention policy. I copied myself in, but I don’t have the reply that has the trouble ticket number on it.


I found the tickets. I’ll ask that they be investigated.